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We provide free computer tech support. Here you will find HOW-TO pages that help answer many of the frequently asked questions about computers, pages on how to customize parts of the system to work the way that you want, as well as some reference material.

We don't know everything there is to know about the topics covered on this site so if you think you know something about one of the topics that isn't covered yet then we would be happy to consider posting your article on the site identifying you as the author and with a link back to your site. Just send an email to the webmaster to let us know what you propose to write about.

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PHP and MySQL Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

List price: $49.99 Sales price: $44.99 You save: $5.00 (10 %) Sales Rank: 2066279 Read more… PHP and MySQL Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach : Frank M. Kromann: Book Tweet

Creating a Calendar Pop-up

There have been a number of variations to my calendar script over the years since I first created it as a calendar popup. While much of the actual code in the script has been altered several times in order to make it far more flexible than it was originally, it can still be used for […]

Modular Programming with PHP 7

List price: $49.99 Sales price: $49.99 Read more… Modular Programming with PHP 7 : Branko Ajzele: Book Tweet

Assigning an Absolute Screen Position Independent of Screen Resolution

The one time that your visitor’s screen resolution is relevant is when you are opening a new window. When you specify the size and position for the new window you need to make sure that it fits on the screen in the place you want. This early JavaScript tutorial was one of the first that […]


  • Browsers and Email Programs
    • Internet Access - Answers to beginner questions about the internet and how to get the best value from your connection.
    • Browsers - General - There is a lot of info relating to browsers and/or email programs is equally applicable regardless of which browser or email program you are using.
    • Internet Explorer and Outlook Express - A selection of useful how-to and reference pages for those using Internet Explorer and/or Outlook Express.
    • Netscape - A selection of useful how-to and reference pages for those using Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, and/or Thunderbird.
    • Opera - A selection of useful how-to and reference pages for those using Opera.
  • HTML
    • XHTML 5 and 1.0 Reference - A series of pages that describe what tags and tag attributes are available in XHTML 5 as well as XHTML1.0 and 1.1.
    • HTML 5 - What changes does this draft proposal suggest for the future of HTML.
    • XHTML 1.0 Tutorials - A series of pages that introduce the beginner to writing their own XHTML 1.0 code.
    • HTML Hints and Tips - Get the most out of your HTML coding.
    • Solving Web Site Problems - Common problems that people have with web page creation and how to solve them.
    • Web Design - Covering that part of creating your web site before you start coding the HTML..
    • NVU Tutorials - How to set up and use this popular free web editor.
    • Historical HTML - This site has been around for so long that some of the HTML pages describe completely outdated ways to do things. Rather than delete them they have been moved here.
  • Stylesheets
    • CSS Tutorials - A series of pages that that introduce the beginner to writing their own stylesheets.
    • CSS Reference - A series of pages that summarize all of the CSS 2.1 properties.
    • CSS3 Reference - Introducing some of the new CSS 3 properties.
    • CSS How To - How to achieve specific results with CSS.
    • CSS Hints and Tips - Modify your web page appearance using CSS.
    • How to Build a Web Page Template - Step by step creation of a template using HTML and CSS.
    • CSS Tables - The correct way to do layout tables.
    • CSS Forms - How to style form fields using CSS that work in modern browsers and don't break the form in older ones.
  • Javascript
    • Problem Solving - The other half of how to write programs.
    • Basics and Reference - An introduction to adding JavaScript to your web pages plus useful references.
    • Introductory JavaScript Tutorials - A series of tutorials for beginners.
    • Then and Now - Information on how to update your old scripts.
    • Homework Help - Comparing historical and modern answers to typical homework questions.
    • Form Processing - Using JavaScript to validate and manipulate your forms.
    • Date/Time Processing - Date and time manipulation is easy when you build on the Date object.
    • Hints and Tips - JavaScript can manipulate frames, windows, images and much more.
    • Methods - There are a range of functions and methods built into JavaScript that are very useful.
    • Web Page "Protection" - The most effective ways of 'protecting' your web page content and why they don't work.
    • Prebuilt Scripts - You don't have to code all of your JavaScript yourself. Here are some scripts we have written that you can use.
    • Prebuilt Quiz Scripts - These quiz generators make it easy to add quizes to your site.
    • Prebuilt Unobtrusive Scripts - More pre-built scripts. These ones use modern coding techniques to keep the JavaScript completely separate from your HTML and stylesheet.
    • Book Reviews - Compare JavaScript books at a glance.
  • Interactive Web
    • Problem Solving - The other half of how to write programs.
    • Personal Web Site - Share your interests and hobbies with others with your own web presence. These pages will guide to getting started quickly without having to even learn HTML.
    • Bravenet Services - You don't need server side access to use server side scripts, Bravenet host a whole suite of services on their servers that you can use.
    • ISPs and Hosting - Connecting to the Internet and Setting up a Web site.
    • WordPress - How to set up and customise a WordPress site.
    • Learn PHP - A series of tutorials for those who already have some scripting experience.
    • PHP Security - A series of tutorials on how to make your PHP more secure.
    • Using PHP - The most common language available that runs on cheaper web hosting.
    • mySQL - A database to store your data.
    • Prebuilt PHP Scripts - Want server side scripts running on your server but don't want to build them yourself? Here are some that we have built.
    • Other Plugins and Server Side Scripting - Covering plugins and server side languages other than PHP
  • Mainframe
    • Problem Solving - The other half of how to write programs.
    • General - Loads of general information about mainframe computers and structured programming.
    • COBOL - COBOL programming references, tips, and techniques.
    • PL/1 - PL/1 programming references, tips, and techniques.
    • IMS DB/DC/RC - Information about IMS databases, data communications, and recovery.
    • db2 - Information about db2 databases and Structured Query Language.
    • MVS - Writing JCL for the MVS operating System.
    • TSO and ISPF - The command line and panel interfaces.
    • CICS - The interactive online environment for mainframes.
  • PC Software
  • Networking
  • Comms Software
    • FTP - File Transfer Protocol - the standard TCP/IP data communications protocol.
    • XCOM - An alternative data communications protocol from Computer Associates.
    • Netmaster FTS - The data communications protocol on the mainframe.
  • Word Processing
    • Word - The most popular word processing program on the market.
    • Wordperfect - The previous market leader is still around.
    • Star Office - A cheaper alternative that is compatible with Word.
  • Desktop Publishing
    • Pagemaker - Desktop publishing tips and techniques.
    • Acrobat - Publish your work in a portable document format.
  • Graphics
    • General - General information about graphics. Applicable to any graphics program.
    • Photoshop - Tips and techniques for using Photoshop.
    • Paint Shop Pro - Tips and Techniques for using Paint Shop Pro.
  • OS/2
  • Linux
    • Installation - Loads of info on installing Linux.
    • X Windows - Using the graphical interface with Linux.
    • Command Line - Using the Linux command line.
    • Daemons - Running jobs automatically or in the background with Linux daemons.
  • DOS/Windows
  • NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • Book Reviews
  • Software and Hardware Reviews
  • Links

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