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Felgall Pty Ltd is an Australian Company established in 1994, owned by Stephen Chapman and Elaine Bell. The company has provided ongoing consultancy services to various major Australian Companies (usually one at a time) and can also provide ad hoc services to small companies and individuals.

We provide a range of computer services from programming and technical support to desktop publishing and word processing. We have also built several websites (see below).

We wrote our own cashbook program in C++ which runs on DOS (either text or graphical mode) and OS/2 using an early version of the Sybase SQL Anywhere relational database (from back when it was called Watcom SQL). The code is operating system independent because it uses the cross platform Zinc Application Framework library for all of its low level functionality.

Stephen has been working in what is now called Information Technology since 1980 and even before that spent his spare time studying computers. Access Stephen's CV pdf for more information. You can find out about Stephen including info on his other interests on his blog.

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Built By Felgall

We now have Package Deals to create and maintain your website for you.
(includes special prices for community groups and hobby clubs)

Built by Felgall I few years ago I spent a lot of "Spare" time building the website for the Australian Model Railway Association Incorporated.

Having successfully built a workable website for them, I thought that it was about time that I built one of my own. This website is the result. This "Ask Felgall" website started life on 20th October 2000 and was originally hosted on free web hosting. In December 2003 the site moved to our own domain name at www.felgall.com when we purchased web hosting.

Since commencing this website, I have created a web page for a friend at http://www.malaguna.com.au/ but that page seems to have disappeared.

I have also created a small web site for "Waterdale Property Management" and helped with the database design and build for the Oasis Street Level Community Database (also now gone from the web).

Another project was to do some of the programming for a Tarot Card Reading site. My contribution consisted of both JavaScript and PHP code to track which ten cards are selected in which order out of the 78 in the Tarot deck.

Between September 2004 and August 2011 I provided web page content for the Javascript section of about.com.

Since September 2011 I have built another site for JavaScript beginners at JavaScriptExample.net.

My latest web site is Felgall ClubSite which provides information for the hosted club membership software that is now available for clubs to use. Originally developed for AMRA this application has been rewritten to be generic so as to be able to be used by any club wanting software to maintain their membership records and to be able to offer online facilities to their members.

We can build your web pages for you. If you like the appearance and functionality of any of the sites that I have built and would like to have your site 'Built By Felgall' then please order your web site creation, maintenance, and hosting package from us.

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