A program to avoid when looking for software to backup your important files.

My Rating: nonononono




Most backup programs are relatively simple to install and configure. The backup options may not always work quite the way you expect but with most such programs you can get backups running without even having to resort to reading the manual. This is not the case with AceBackup where even after reading the manual I still don't know how to configure it to do the most basic of backups using a three copy cycle on the backup media.

I found the configuration for this software to be so confusing that I didn't even bother trying to run a backup since if I can't be sure that it is set to create the backups the way I want then there is no point in their being there.

The most confusing backup program I have ever seen. It seems obvious when you examine this program closely that the program has a purpose completely different from what you'd expect from its name.

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