Adobe AIR 1.5 Cookbook

This is the second book about Adobe AIR that I have read. I will admit right now that I have never written an application to run in Adobe AIR although from my knowledge of what Adobe AIR is, my existing knowledge of JavaScript (one of the three main languages that Adobe AIR supports), and the information in this book (the other was some time back and dealt with a beta version of AIR) I would have no trouble in being able to create whatever applications I wanted.

This book actually covers all three languages in parallel in a fairly systematic way starting from the beginning of how to create a new application and then working its way through all the various tasks you might want the application to perform that require the use of the AIR specific extensions to the language.

The biggest problem that I have with both this book and the earlier one that I looked at is that the JavaScript that they use in the examples that is not AIR specific is extremely antiquated and no longer used when writing modern web pages. What I don't know is whether this is because AIR only permits the use of such obsolete JavaScript coding or whether it is just that the book was written by people whose JavaScript knowledge is several years out of date. If the former is the correct answer then AIR needs a lot of work in being upgraded to support more modern coding and the book is doing its best to describe how to use a poor product. If the latter then this book is what is in need of the major rewrite. Either way I would not consider this to be a book worth buying.

As I do not know which of the two represents the correct situation I am not going to give this book a rating since I don't know whether it is a poor book describing a good product or a good book describing a poor product.

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