AOMEI Windows PE Builder

An extremely useful addition to any computer user's toolkit

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In this package AOMEI has combined their most useful system tools with both Windows system tools and a variety of other tools to produce an all-in-one toolkit to help you to fix any computer issues that can't be fixed from the regular windows environment. If you ever find that you can't get your computer to boot from the installed version of windows you can boot from the DVD that this product produced for you instead and use the many tools it provides to fix your computer.

This application is extremely easy to run and provides a number of options along the way to allow you to both add extra applications and drivers and to choose whether to write directly to a DVD or to create an ISO or USB version. For the purpose of testing I selected to install all of the tools it offered but without trying to add any extras and I didn't try to add any extra drivers. This latter choice turned out to be a mistake as it meant that the disk that I created at the end of the process was unable to access the internet. Presumably selecting to add extra drivers would resolve this. Selecting to burn directly to a DVD also showed up a couple of trivial issues as it only listed two of my three DVD burners and then chose the one without a disk in it as the default. Burning the disk was very quick.

The next step was to test the disk that was created. Rebooting the system with the disk in the one DVD drive that my system actually checks on startup led to the system loading windows from the disk rather than starting the regular operating system. Loading a windows install from disk is a slow process so making yourself a cup of coffee while waiting for windows to load is one way of passing the time. What you get when it finally finishes loading is a Windows environment just like the one that you get part way through a regular windows install where there is enough of Windows there to provide a graphical environment but without many of the services (such as multi user access).

Once the load did finally finish I was then presented with a windows desktop with all of the tools laid out where they can be easily accessed. One icon on the desktop is labelled "integrated Tools" and contains all of the third party tools you selected to load onto the disk. A couple of the other icons reference Windows utilities providing you with direct access to the Windows disk utility and the system recovery and repair facility. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard and AOMEI Backupper Standard are also on the disk and directly accessible from icons on the desktop. There is also a web browser available directly from the desktop set to take you straight to further system tools and help online. If you can't access the internet then one of the tools provided on the disk will assist you in rectifying that problem.

The provision of all of these tools on a bootable Windows disk makes it possible to fix all of those system problems that cannot be fixed when you have booted the system that has the problem. This disk will make it possible to restore your operating system (assuming you have a backup of it). It is also possible to download an offline version of any antivirus program to run a cleanup of any viruses that cannot be removed from your computer when you perform a normal boot.

Help in using this disk is available on the AOMEI web site with lots of information there that you probably ought to read (and perhaps print off and put with the disk) so as to be able to make the best use of this toolkit.

Download a free copy of of AOMEI PE Builder.

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