Awards Worth Winning

Everyone likes to have their efforts recognised and how better to have the effort that you put into building your website recognised than through the receipt of awards.

There are lots of web awards out there that you can "win" for your site. Many of these are yours for the asking, you ask for it and it is given to you. Not much recognition in that is there? Other web awards require that you meet certain criteria in order to receive their award and will take the time and trouble to check your site to see if it meets their criteria. Awards like this may well be worth applying for.

Even these web awards are not all created equal with an assortment of criteria and methods for determining whether your site is suitable for their award. Some are more professional than others, some require a higher standard than others, some lay out their criteria and other information in an easier to follow format than others. If you have what you consider to be a quality web site then you don't want to downgrade it by displaying awards that don't meet your own standards of excellence.

Does an award rating mean anything? Not necessarily, from what I have seen ratings appear to be based more on the information supplied on the award pages rather than being a proper indication of the value of the award. While having a whole lot of specific types of information about the award on the award pages gives an indication of the effort that has gone into creating the award, it is not everything. There are top awards that are not rated. There are also highly rated awards with awards that have poor appearance or where the award owners do not live up to the standards of their own award specifications. Therefore while an award rating may be a guide to the value of the award it is only a small part of what you need to consider in determining if an award is really worth winning.

So what do I consider important when it comes to determining whether an award is worth winning or not? There are a number of aspects to this only some of which are reflected in the ratings given by the award rating sites (which is why I don't think ratings are so important). Here is my list:

We will be adding quality awards that we consider are worth winning to this page when we find them so you have come to the right place if you are looking for quality meaningful awards to apply for (and not just looking to fill a page with hundreds of meaningless "award" icons).

Winner of the IAWMD Golden Web AwardThe World Famous Golden Web Awards, the Most Popular Website Award in the World.
This award is available from the International Association of Web Masters and Designers. It is presented to those sites whose web design, originality, and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.
If you win this award, you can even buy an award certificate that you can frame to put up on your wall so that even those not on the web can see your achievement.
Winner of the AAWM Bronze AwardThe American Association of WebMasters awards provides formal recognition to Webmasters and Designers who have shown outstanding achievement in web design content and clarity. The awards can be earned at three separate levels - Gold, Silver, and Bronze - and there are a number of alternate award logos available to choose from.
If you win this award, you can even buy an award certificate, plaque, or trophy so that even those not on the web can see your achievement.
Ask Felgall Site Construction Award SampleThere are three aspects to a great web site - good content, attractive design, and user friendly construction. Having not found any awards that deal specifically with the construction aspect, we have decided to introduce our own web award.
The bronze, silver, and gold "Ask Felgall" website Construction Awards will recognise well constructed user friendly web sites.

Note: Displaying web awards on your site that you have not won is not only "cheating" but it also breaches the copyright on the award image and you may find yourself subject to legal action by the award owner. You should only display web awards with the permission of the award owner. If you want to advertise web awards that you have not actually won for your site you should get the permission of the award owner to display a clearly marked sample of the award.

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