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The "Ask Felgall" Website Construction Award

Recognising well constructed sites on the web


There seem to be plenty of web awards that are set up to recognise sites having a great design and some that are set up to recognise great content (usually these are subject specific), but we have not come across any that deal specifically with site construction. Site construction is an important factor in determining the usability of a web site and we believe that well constructed web sites deserve recognition for this aspect of the site. We have introduced the "Ask Felgall" website Construction Award to provide this recognition.

'Ask Felgall' - Gold Construction Award
Our award logos are copyright and may only be
displayed on web sites that have won the award.

Well constructed web sites having at least ten pages of content are invited to submit their sites for consideration for this award. The award is open to anyone 16 years of age or over. Almost all of the sites submitted FAIL to win the award because the pages are too big, please check that ALL your web pages are under 80k before submitting your site for this award.

EXCLUSIONS: Web sites containing adult material and gambling sites will not be considered for this award.

The links at the left of each page will allow you to jump to whichever page in the submission process that you want but to properly check that your site has a reasonable chance of winning one of our awards you will do best to step through the pages in order. You can return to this page at any time by selecting one of the trophy icons at the top of each page of our award sub-site.

If you want to find out more about Felgall Pty Ltd and the people who will be judging sites submitted for this award, please select the "Ask Felgall" home link in the top left corner of each page.

The following pages will provide more information about the purpose of our award, present our ethics and privacy statements, and then move on to the criteria that will be used to judge your site. You will then be given the opportunity to fill out a self test questionaire to assist you in determining whether your site meets our criteria before you submit it for judging.

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