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The evaluators for the "Ask Felgall - Construction Award" programme hereby declare that we are dedicated to upholding the ethics and standards stated in this declaration in order to ensure fairness to all applicants and to maintain the honour and integrity of applicants, evaluators, and awards.

All applicants who meet the set criteria for our Construction Award as posted on the site shall be eligible to receive that award. We are uniform in our eligibility requirements and fairly evaluate all web sites meeting our criteria which are submitted by any applicant. All web sites shall be judged using the criteria in effect at the time that the application is received. Where changes have recently been made to the criteria and any doubt exists as to the criteria posted on the site at the time of submission then the web site will be judged by both the new and old criteria and shall be eligible for the award if either criteria is met.

We shall advise any applicant immediately in writing of a "Refrain to Evaluate" where a conflict of interest would occur in evaluating a web site for our award. In this instance, efforts shall be made to find an acceptable alternate evaluator.

Sites that contain material considered to be not suitable for children or which display images that are in breach of copyright will definitely be excluded from consideration for our awards. We will not grant awards to, or in any other manner endorse or promote, any web site that endorses, promotes, or contains content which is considered globally to be illegal or discriminatory. We do not discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, nation of origin, religion, profession, mental or physical handicap, or any other reason which is not globally viewed as an illegal trait or manner of conduct.

We shall not divulge any information about any applicant to any person, group, or agency not directly involved in the judging of our awards. All information received from award applicants by whatever means shall be treated as private and confidential and shall only be used for the purpose for which it has been supplied.

We will maintain a professional, friendly, and positive manner in any correspondence or other communication with applicants. Any critiques given shall be constructive in nature. We acknowledge that other web sites may have different ideas or priorities with regard to web site construction.

The evaluation process used to determine sites that qualify for our awards has been developed independently of the award criteria in use by any other site and the posted evaluation process is copyright. Written authorization shall be required for the use of any element of our award criteria and scoring method in any other award programme. The "Ask Felgall" web site is maintained to a standard that exceeds the minimum criteria for the Award (with the exception of a couple of pages where the content of the page deals specifically with particular criteria and is providing a demonstration of the effect of not meeting that criteria).

We will not accept any favours of any sort in return for preferential treatment of any submission.

Award winners shall be listed as such on the appropriate page of our site once the winning site has displayed the award on their site. Sites shall be granted an award on the basis that they meet the criteria at the time that the award is given. Should a web site not maintain the standard required to meet the criteria then we may remove the link from our site and/or request that the web site cease displaying our award. We will take all measures necessary to maintain the honour and integrity of our award.

This statement is considered public domain and may be copied (with appropriate modifications) for use on other web award sites.
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