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The "Ask Felgall" Website Construction Award

Recognising well constructed sites on the web


There are three aspects to a great web site. These are content, design, and construction.

The purpose of this web award is to recognise well constructed web sites. Other awards concern themselves with recognising the site design or site content. There are also many awards that take all three aspects into account. In judging sites for our award we are primarily interested in the site construction and so the design and content of the site will only be of peripheral concern.

Construction relates to how usable the web site is. Does the site work properly on your visitor's browser? Do the pages load in a reasonable time? Can the desired site content be found quickly? While web site design is an art, web site construction is a science in that you can create a set of rules that if followed will result in a well constructed site. Individual webmasters may differ in exactly what rules they think are relevant but the differences are in the details.

This award will be judged based on the rules that we believe are important in web site construction.

The award will be judged in two stages. The first stage consists of criteria that the web site must meet in order to be considered further. This stage checks the site for those aspects of design that we consider are essential to follow in producing a well constructed site. Sites that do not meet all of the criteria in the first stage will not be considered further.

The second stage consists of several sections covering different aspects of web site construction. Sites will be awarded points in each section based on how well they meet the listed criteria. To receive our award a site must score at least 60% of the available marks in each section and 75% overall.

Submissions will be processed in the order that they are received. We are unable to say how long it will take to get to your site but if you keep track of when you submitted your site, the status page will give you an idea of how many web sites are in front of you in the queue.


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