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The "Ask Felgall" Website Construction Award

Recognising well constructed sites on the web

Criteria - Stage Two

The point scoring for stage two is based on fairly precise and objective requirements which are set out on the following pages so that you can judge for yourself how your site can be expected to score. Please do not submit your site unless you feel that you have at least a reasonable chance of meeting this criteria.

Maximum points for each criteria are indicated by the numbers shown in bold preceding each description.

The four areas where your site will be judged are as follows:

A site will be judged in one of the four areas at a time (usually in the order listed). A site must score at least 60% of the available points in each area to be eligible for our award. A total score of at least 75 will be required in order to receive our award.

Sites receiving 93 or more points in all will be awarded our Gold award, those receiving between 84 and 92 points (inclusive) will be awarded our Silver award, and those receiving between 75 and 83 (inclusive) will be awarded our bronze award. Sites receiving less than 75 points in total even though they scored above 60% in each area will receive the "Passed Stage One" award as will sites scoring 75 or above but which scored below 60% in any area of the judging.

'Ask Felgall' - Gold Construction Award 'Ask Felgall' - Silver Construction Award 'Ask Felgall' - Bronze Construction Award 'Ask Felgall' -Passed Stage One Award
These gold, silver, bronze, and "passed stage one" award logos are copyright and may only be displayed on web sites that have won the corresponding award.
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