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The "Ask Felgall" Website Construction Award

Recognising well constructed sites on the web

Self Test

This page will assist you in working out whether your site may eligible for an Ask Felgall Website Construction Award. Information entered on this page is not sent to Felgall Pty Ltd.

I am not under 16 years old.
My site contains at least 10 pages of content.
There are no pages over 80k total size.
Individual pages do not access more than two servers.
Frames are only used where necessary
Additional browser windows are only used for external links.
Popup windows do not appear automatically
Popup windows do not cover the entire browser window.
Pages have only one scrollbar at 1024x768 resolution.
Visitors can navigate the site without having to install plug-ins
All internal links function correctly
Scripts do not noticably slow the loading of the pages.
Home page loads when domain name is specified
HTML version is defined in page source
Language or character set is defined in page source
Layout and Presentation done using stylesheets
Font and Basefont tags are not used
Applet tags are not used
Other deprecated tags are not used
Extended image descriptions are used where necessary
Tables (other than layout) use THEAD and TBODY
Links are separated by more than spaces
Links are identifiable from surrounding text
Validation of my home page reports fewer than 8 errors.
My pages are under 50k in size.
My pages have only one scroll bar at 800x600 resolution.
Pages can be printer on A4 without flowing off the paper.
Pages appear reasonable and function correctly in
Internet Explorer 6
Internet Explorer 5.5
Netscape 4.7
Netscape 6.2
Netscape 7
Opera 5
Opera 6
Opera 7
Mozilla 1.2
Appropriate descriptions in description meta tags
Appropriate keywords in keyword meta tags
Site name in top 20 results in Google
Navigation links in a consistent location
Navigation links neatly aligned
Home page link on all other pages
Relative location of the page within the site is displayed
Links clearly identify what they link to
Home page has an email or contacts link
All pages have an email or contacts link
Site can be navigated without Javascript
There is a site map page
Site map shows page relationships
There is a site search option
External links are distinguishable from internal ones
New pages are identified
External links are regularly checked
Site useable without images
Site useable without Javascript
Event handlers respond to both mouse and keyboard
Popups still function without Javascript
Site useable without stylesheets
There are no image maps
The site doesn't use Java
Site useable without Java
Links to PDFs have an adjacent link to download the reader
Pages using flash have a link to download the plugin
Pages using Quicktime have a link to download the plugin
Links to download regularly used plugins also on home page
Other plugins used only where absolutely necessary
Files for download are compressed

Note that this page is only a guide to whether your site is likely to meet the minimum criteria in each section and a successful result does not imply that your site will receive an award. If the self test has indicated that your site might qualify for our great site award you will be transferred to the Ask Felgall Construction Award Submission page.


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