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Just launched is my new site Felgall ClubSite. Pages there describe what ClubSite is and how much it will cost you. A demo site will be added soon and I am looking for two clubs to help with beta testing - they'll get one year free after beta testing is completed.

13/09/2014 16:17

Email Issues

A number of people have reported problems with the email processing on this site. I am happy to report that I have finally figured out the cause of the problem and have now (hopefully) rectified it.

16/08/2014 10:46

New Layout

If you have visited before, you will notice that the site now looks a lot different. With thousands of pages on the site I haven't been able to check every single one has updated correctly. If you notice something that doesn't work please let me know.

25/01/2014 15:56

Script Updates

Many of the pre-built JavaScript offered here have been rewritten to use modern unobtrusive coding. Help me to decide the order to update those that have not yet been rewritten by letting me know which ones you would like me to do first.

27/04/2013 10:45

Database Change

All the database calls on this web site have been changed to use a different access method. It should all work without you noticing anything different but if you find something that doesn't work please let me know so I can fix it straight away.

27/01/2013 08:57

Improving Search

You can assist in improving the search option within this site by telling me what you are looking for and what you would use to search for it. If it exists on the site I'll update the search to make sure it shows up for that search term and if it doesn't I'll add it to my "to do" list to add it as soon as possible.

04/08/2012 08:14

Updating Old Pages

I am gradually working my way through the older pages on this web site to update them where necessary. In many cases even where the information is already up to date I am able to add further information to what is already there. Don't expect all the pages to change at once though since it took me twelve years to write all the pages currently on the site.

08/03/2012 18:24

Site Redesign Stage 2

I have not quite completed the second of the three stages of rebuilding the site which I started in late 2010 but the rest of those changes will now happen alongside the third and biggest stage in the site redesign that will be ongoing over the next year or so.

Stage 1 was to rewrite the back end of all the web pages to make updating the overall design easier. Stage 2 was to make corrections to the page layout, to update some of the JavaScript that the site is using, and to make sure that all pages are using the code blocks I started using in 2006. Stage 3 will be to go through all of the pages and where necessary to update the content to provide up to date information. Where the current information is out of date I will either replace it or keep it below the replacement content as an historical reference.

14/01/2012 10:27

Price Reduction

Prices on two of my most popular scripts have now been significantly reduced. My site search script has been reduced from $40 to $29 and my advanced form2mail script has been reduced from $17 to $12.

17/12/2011 10:13


As you can see if you have visited the site before, I am currently making minor changes to the way the site looks. The links at the bottom of the page have been rearranged to fit a smaller space, ads have been moved around, and even the navigation menu has been reorganised to take up less space when you are not using it. The entire navigation menu us still there except that it now only has a single link showing when it is closed instead of an entire menu bar.

10/12/2011 17:46


After almost seven years of providing JavaScript content for About.com I have decided that it is time to move on. You can expect to see a lot more JavaScript content on this site in the future as a result.

02/09/2011 19:03

Exchange Rate

The way that the exchange rate has moved over the past couple of months has meant that I have now repriced all of my scripts for sale so that the US dollar prices are now the same as the Australian dollar prices. The Australian dollar prices still include GST while the exchange rate means that converting the US dollard into Australian dollars will result in a similar reduction in the Australian dollar amount that I will actually receive.

25/04/2011 08:06

Site Redesign

While it may not look like it, my site has just undergone stage one of the biggest redesign that I have ever given it. Why it doesn't look like it is because all the changes so far have been on the back end in how the pages are constructed rather than in how they look.

If I have made any mistakes in how I have made the change then there's a slight possibility that something may not function correctly. If you discover something that isn't working, please let me know.

29/12/2010 07:20

2011 Software Scams

I have been receiving quire a few emails claiming to be from Adobe, Skype etc which claim to be advising me of the new 2011 versions of their software. In each case the domain redirects to one not associated with the company the email claims to be from and the product offered for download is an alternative product on offer from Russia. Since the software being offered is not from the company the email claims I advise that you NOT download the offered software and instead use your browser to go to the correct web site to download the real upgrade version from there.

12/12/2010 12:09

Special Offer

There is just two weeks to go until Father's Day. As a special offer for two weeks only commencing this Sunday and ending on Father's Day you can purchase my advanced form2mail script at half price simply by entering the discount code father when you make your purchase. That's USD7.20 instead of USD14.45 or AUD8.50 instead of AUD17.00. Hurry and buy it now before Father's Day on 5th September.

20/08/2010 18:39

Security Patches

I have made minor changes to both my email and search scripts to plug some security holes that I discovered in them. In neither case is there any evidence of anyone managing to find and exploit these holes but with the patches in place those security holes are no longer there to be found.

17/07/2010 11:57

Tell A Friend

I have now put the "Tell A Friend" form back on the site with additional security features incorporated.

03/07/2010 08:13

Security Updates

Someone has been misusing the "Tell a Friend" option on this site to send spam. I have therefore temporarily removed that page while I consider what additional security options to implement in the page in order to prevent its misuse.

Also since the forum that I set up in association with this site has received very few legitimate posts and vast quantities of spam, I have decided to remove the forum complately. You can still ask questions and have them posted on my site for others to answer using the "Ask Felgall" link and checking the box granting permission for the question to be listed.

02/07/2010 07:50


What changes does this draft proposal suggest for the future of HTML. Here's what I think of some of the HTML 5 proposals.

18/05/2010 18:52

Internet Explorer Update

The IE bug was of such critical importance that Microsoft have released the patch for it immediately rther than waiting for their regular update schedule. If you are running Windows then you should install the IE update now if you haven't already done so.

23/01/2010 07:00

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