Retrieving your Site Ring Code

Question: I accidentally deleted my site ring code, How can I get it back?

Answer: Unless you are the ring owner, you can't go into your own Bravenet account to retrieve your site ring code. There is an easy way to retrieve the necessary code provided that your site has already been accepted into the ring. What you need to do is to go to another site that is in the same ring and click on the List button to obtain a list of all of the sites in the ring. You need to search through this list to find the entry for your site. Click on the Edit Entry link for your site and enter your password. At the bottom of the page below the fields where you can edit your site ring entry details is a field containing the code that you are supposed to have on your site to link you into the ring. You just need to take a copy of this code and paste it into your page.

If you haven't yet been accepted into the ring then you wont find your site in the list of sites. In this instance the only way to obtain the code is to contact the owner of the site ring. They will have to send you a copy of the code as you wont have any way to get it yourself. Alternatively they may just ask you to sign up again so as to be able to retrieve a new code.

If you're a site ring owner who has had one of your potential new members ask for you to resend them their code then your easiest way out is to delete their pending request and ask then to sign up again. If you prefer to recreate their code for them then you will need to go into "Maintain Your Site Ring" within the Member's Area and click the "Copy/Paste Code" link to obtain your generic site ring code. This will need to be updated with the specific site id of the particular site for which the code is required. You can get the site id by clicking on "Pending Sites" and finding the site in the list. The site id is displayed immediately below the site name. The site id needs to be inserted into the copy/paste code immediately after every siteid= reference.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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