Placing Past Newsletters on Your Web Site

The Bravenet mailing list service provides an easy way for people to sign up for your newsletter and a selection of simple templates that you can use to create your newsletters that you want to send out to those on that mailing list. The newsletter templates create the html code for a nicely formatted newsletter, all you have to do is to select a colour scheme to match that of your web site in order to produce a complementary product.

Some of you will want to post copies of your past newsletters to your web site so that those sign up late can still access the earlier newsletters. I know that I did and I found a way to do it too as you can see from the "Behind the Scenes" section of my site.

Exactly how you do it depends on which email program you are using because the trick is to send a preview email to yourself that you can capture to place on your site. If you don't have an email program that supports html then sign up for a free web based email account such as Hotmail and send the email there. In your web browser view the source of the email and extract the part of the web page corresponding to your newsletter and save it as a separate html file. If you use an email program such as Outlook or Netscape Mail that runs on your computer then what you need to do is open the newsletter when you receive it then select Save As from the file menu and save the complete newsletter as a separate file with a file type of html. If you use a different mail program look for a similar option, if your mail program doesn't have this capability you can always go with the web based email solution.

Once you have the newsletter stored on your computer as an html file then all that remains is to upload it to your site and link to it from elsewhere on your site (the newsletter signup page is my choice of a suitable place to link from).

You can either repeat the above process for each newsletter when you send it out to your mailing list or alternatively having done it once you can make your own HTML template to paste copies of the newsletter content. If you take the latter course then you may find it easier to type your new content into your template first and then copy it to the Bravenet form.

Having past copies of your newsletter on your site provides your visitors with a better idea of what they can expect to receive if they sign up to receive your future newsletters. It can also make it easier for you if at a later date you decide to switch from using the Bravenet service to one hosted on your own site.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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