Obtaining a Bravenet Guestbook

To obtain a guestbook hosted by Bravenet you must first sign up for an account with Bravenet.

Assuming that you already have an account the next step is to sign up for your guestbook. To do this sign into your account and then select Guestbook from the list of Unregistered Services. This will take you to the page where you can sign up to get a guestbook. Either select the Get One Free button or scroll to the bottom ans select Click Here to Register your FREE Guestbook Service!.

Now that you have your Guestbook you need to add it to your web site and also to customize it to look the way you want.

To add the guestbook to your site select the Highlight & Copy the Code Above button in the Add Service to your Site section under the version of the link that you want to use. This copies the html code that will provide the link to your guestbook to the clipboard in Internet Explorer and highlights it so that you can copy it to the clipboard (normally by pressing the CTRL and C keys together) in other browsers. Next you need to go to the web editor that you usually use to edit your web pages, open the page where you want to install the link, select the spot on the page where you want the link to appear and then paste the code there using whatever means that the editor provides for pasting HTML code to your page. As each editor uses different means to paste HTML code it is not possible to provide more detailed instructions here. If you can't figure out how to do it in your editor then post a question in the Bravenet Copy/Paste forum and specify the editor you are using. The copy/paste code is also emailed to you in case you skipped over the step at this point.

Once you have done this you should now have some extra buttons or links on your web page. The traditional button version looks like this:

Now that the guestbook is linked to your site it is time to customize it to match the rest of your site. Select the Manage Your Guestbook at the top of the Guestbook Registration page. This will take you to the Guestbook Service Manager. You can access this at any future time by selecting Guestbook from the Registered Services section of your account.

The Most Frequently Used section of this page contains those options that you are most likely to use on an ongoing basis to maintain your guestbook. The options here include Change/Remove Messages, General Settings, Manage Prompts, Edit/Add Custom HTML (for the Pro version only), Email Notifications, and Archive messages (also for the Pro version only).

The Look and Feel section contains a number of options that allow you to change how your guestbook will appear. This section contains Colors and Fonts, Select a Theme, Edit Displayed Text, Choose Template, Custom Images, Embed a Background Sound, and Customize Navbar.

Finally, the Service Utilities section contains links to allow you to View Service, Upgrade to Pro (that removes the ads and provides additional customizations), obtain the Copy/Past Code, How-To pages, Help and Support, Service Feedback, and Delete Service (for if you no longer require the guestbook) as well as a facility to ban IP addresses.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

One final note. You can only have one guestbook per Bravenet account but if you want to have more than one Bravenet guestbook it is simply a matter of opening additional accounts.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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