Backing up the Wizard

Question: I'm using the website wizard. How do you make a backup copy of your site?

Answer: You can use the Bravenet File Manager to copy the files one by one to your computer. Alternatively you can use the Bravenet FTP Applet or any FTP program on your own computer to copy all of the files in one go. Each of these options works to backup any Bravenet site not just those using the Wizard.

If you ever need to reload the files from your backup you will not be able to update those files via the Wizard any more as the Wizard stores its source in a database that cannot be copied to your computer and generates the pages based on what is contained there.

Once you have the files on your own computer you will have a choice of hundreds of different web editors that can be used to edit web pages and can simply upload your changes opnce you are happy with them.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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