Brother MFC425CN

A cheap and powerful unit but installing it was a real pain.

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This multi function centre works extremely well and is very good value for the price - if you can get the software to install to allow it to be used.

The install process allows you to select which of the components you want to install but if you select one component to install and then return to install another component later it will not update the existing install but will create a second install with a separate naming convention. Also the uninstall does not allow separate components to be removed and the only way to run a repair properly is to uninstall everything first. The install actually pops up sevparate install processes for several of the components that run in parallel and if the wrong one completes first and requests a reboot you can end up rebooting the system before the other components have finished installing.

On Windows XP a huge message pops up about the multiple install process using multiple windows and this message forces itself in front of the other windows making it almost impossible to access those other windows properly in order to carry out the install. When installing the scanner software it can also sometimes not set the IP address of the unit correctly resulting in the scanner software not working. Going into the properties and manually entering the IP address can get the scanner software to work but the diagnostics program will still report that the scanner is not properly installed.

With persistance (3 attempts on Windows 98 and too many attempts to count on Windows XP but it was more than 10) I eventually managed to get all of the functions working with this hardware and what the hardware can do is really impressive. It is just unfortunate that this excellent hardware is let down by an almost impossible to use software installer.

Note that I was installing the network version of the software and that the USB version may not have the same issues.

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