Last Modified Date

Are you wondering just how current the information is on a web page that you are looking at? Does the page display a last modified date that you don't believe or perhaps doesn't display a last modified date at all?

Well there is a simple command that you can type into the address bar of your browser that will tell you when the page was really last modified. Just type in the following command exactly as shown and press enter (or click the Go button) and all will be revealed.


Note that the accuracy of the value returned is dependent on the last modified date stored in the actual file on the server. It is possible to change that date without actually modifying the file (eg. opening the file for edit and then saving without making any changes or using the TOUCH command to change the modification date without even opening the file). It is also possible to configure the server so as to not make the information available and to simply supply the current date and time to any request for last modified. Despite these limitations this call will provide you with more information about the web page than you have before you ran it.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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