Clearing Address History

Question: There are a number of porn sites showing on my Address panel. How do I delete them?.I have a feeling my teenage son has been having a look at the sites.

Answer: How you clear the entries in the drop down list on the address/location bar depends on which browser you are using:

In Internet Explorer go to Tools, then Internet Options and on the General page press the Clear History button. Note that this will clear the browser history attached to the back button as well as Internet Explorer does not store these two history lists separately the way other browsers do.

In Netscape 4 go to Edit then Preferences then on the Navigator page press the Clear Location Bar button.

In Netscape 6+ go to Edit then Preferences then within Navigator select the History page and press the Clear Location Bar button.

In Opera 6+ select File (Opera 6) or Tools (Opera 7+) then Preferences (in Opera 8 you then need to select the Advanced tab) then select the History and cache page press the Clear button next to Typed in (Opera 6) or Typed in Addresses (Opera 7+). Note that Opera 5 does not have an option to clear the address bar but it doesn't retain address bar history between sessions so you can achieve the same effect by closing and reopening the browser.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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