Blind Copy with AOL

Unlike those connected directly to the internet, anyone connected via AOL doesn't get a choice of which email program that they use. They have to use the one provided by AOL. This means that they are restricted to using those options that AOL provide.

This is not such a problem as it appears as AOL now provide ways to do many of the things that can be done with other programs just not in the same way.

One example of this is with regard to sending blind copies of an email to people (ie. where the person will not appear at the top of the email as one of the recipients). The email program has just two boxes at the top to enter recipient's email addresses labelled Send To and Copy To that appear to correspond to the To: and Cc: fields in other email programs. There does not appear to be an entry corresponding to the Bcc: field but if you check out if AOL can send blind copies you find that the Copy To field is used to enter both cc and bcc email addresses.

To specify that email addresses entered in the field are not to be displayed in the email when it is received you simply place the address (or addresses) in parentheses so to send a blind copy of an email to you simply place his address in the copy to field like this:


When sending an email to a large group of people (more than three or four) or to a group of people where you don't want the recipients to know the email addresses of the other recipients you should specify the recipients this way and use your own email address as the send to address. This will result in the email being received with the message at the top of the page instead of being below a long list of recipient email addresses where it may not be read.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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