Cleaning up Cookies

Question:When deleting ALL cookies is there a means to keep desired one's from disappearing without having to delete them individually?
Paul Revord

Answer:Cookies can be divided into three groups.

  1. Session cookies - these automatically delete themselves when you close the browser.
  2. First party cookies - these belong top the sites you visit
  3. Third party cookies - these belong to adverts or services on the sites you visit that are loaded from an external source

There is no way to select which ones to keep when using your browser to delete cookies unless you bring up the list of cookies and manually select which to delete and which to keep.

Your browser and/or firewall should have an option to allow you to turn off third party cookies so that they aren't saved in the first place while still allowing first party and session cookies to be saved. This should reduce the need to go in and delete unwanted cookies to start with.

Some system utilities may have an option that allows you to store a list telling it which cookies that you want to keep and then it will remove the rest.

Cookies are specific to a particular web browser so one way to take greater control over cookies would be if you install multiple browsers and use them for different purposes. You should then be able to tell one browser to delete all its cookies without that removing any of the desired cookies stored by the other browser.

Another option to give even more control is to make use of your browser's privacy mode. When using that mode the browser does not store any cookies at all saving you the trouble of having to delete them afterwards.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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