Including Web Addresses

Often when you are sending emails you want to include links to web pages. With most email programs provided that you include the http:// or www on the front of a web address that address will be displayed as a clickable link when the email is displayed as plain text.

This works fine for short web addresses but many email programs are set to word wrap after 60 or so characters. Where an address is longer than the wrap limit the email program breaks the web address over two lines. The first line displays as a clickable link that wont work because it is incomplete and the rest displays as plain text on the line below.

Fortunatelty there is a very simple (although not obvious) way to fix this. We simply need to add two extra characters to our web address. We add a < immediately in front of the address and a > immediately after the address. For example: <> or <>

When a web address is coded like this the email program is still able to determine that these extra two characters are not a part of the address and so starts and so still starts and finishes the clickable link in the right place. Adding these characters therefore has no effect on shorter addresses. Where it makes a difference though is with longer web addresses because most email programs will not wrap the content between the < and > onto multiple lines and the entire link will therefore be contained on one line and be a workable clickable link even when the address is significantly longer than the word wrap length.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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