The Web Your Way

Most people thing that how a web page looks and functions is determined by the person who created the web page and that the person visiting the web page just has to accept it the way that it is. They think you can't do anything about it when the page is designed to be too wide to fit across your screen or the text is too small for you to easily read or there are stupid animated effects on the page.

Well that's the way that the web worked back in the early days in the 20th Century but not any more. With the 21st Century web the person visiting web pages can have as much say if not more as to how the page looks as the person who write it does.

Basically there are five parts to a web page that you display in your own web browser. Only three of these five parts come from the web site that you are visiting. The other two parts you can define for yourself. Let's look at what each of these five parts is and what it does/can do.

Overall the only part of the web page that is under the control of the person who wrote it is the content of the page (the text and images). If you want to view this page in green Marlett 16pt font on a pink background with any table rows alternating in grey and white and the words that you searched for that found the page for you highlighted in yellow then that is your choice. There is nothing I can do to stop you from setting up your own stylesheets and Javascripts to override the ones on this page in order to see the page exactly as you want it.

On the web the author provides the content of the page and suggests how they think it should be displayed. How you actually view it is entirely up to you.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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