Missing Images

Question: Whenever I go so various sites I now find pictures missing from the page. Like on a product page the pictures of the product is missing leaving text.
alan simpson

Answer: Four possibilities.

  1. You have turned off images in your browser.
  2. The site forgot to load the image.
  3. The images are remote linked and the site hosting them is down.
  4. The images are huge and take too long to download.

Of these alternatives the only one that is under your own control is the first. This option is the one that is most likely if you don't see images on any site and is unlikely if you see images on some sites but not others. How to check it depends on which browser you are using.

If the browser is set to display and the images still don't appear then the cause will be one of the other three alternatives and it will be up to the owner of the site to correct the problem.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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