The easiest way of keeping track of pages that you want to be able to return to at a later time is to add them to your browser's bookmarks menu (Internet Explorer calls them favorites instead of bookmarks but it is exactly the same thing).

There are two ways of adding the current page into the bookmarks menu, one is to select the Add option that appears at the top of the bookmarks menu and the other is to use the keyboard shortcut which in most browsers is ctrl-D (hold down the ctrl key and press the D key).

Most browsers will then give you the opportunity to decide where you want to store the bookmark. By organising your bookmarks into folders you can keep related bookmarks together. The folders that you create to hold your bookmarks along with any bookmarks that you don't put in folders will appear in the bookmarks menu whenever you select it from the browser menu bar and by selecting the appropriate bookmark you can return to that bookmarked page.

If you decide to reorganise your bookmarks at any time either to change which folders they are in or to delete ones that you no longer require you can do so using the second option from within the bookmarks menu.

By placing all those pages you visit regularly into the bookmarks menu, you save yourself having to type in anything in order to be able to return to those pages whenever you need to.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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