Saving Money on the Web

There are lots of people who are spending way more for their internet use than they need to. Interent Service Providers differ both in the services that they provide and what they charge for those services and a lot of people end up paying a much higher price for a lot less in the way of services simply because they didn't shop around for the best deal. In particular sticking with the best known ISPs is a good way to almost guarantee that you are paying more than necessary since the best known ISPs are those that spend a lot more on advertising and therefore need to charge more for the same service to cover those costs.

Many of the cheaper plans on offer also provide an absolute minimum service level that just about everyone will easily exceed leading to their paying a much higher price for their excess usage. The cheapest quoted price is therefore not necessarily the one that will be the cheapest for you. You need to get a cheap plan that also provides adequate service. That may not appear to be the cheapest plan but once your actual usage is taken into account it will be the cheapest option for you. It just takes a certain amount of time and knowledge to figure it out properly as to what you need and how much the different providers and plans will cost you to provide you with that.

Looking beyond the internet connection itself there are a number of types of program that you might need in order to achieve your desired goals with the web. There is a sufficient choice of good free web browsers that you can choose between such as Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome that you do not need to pay for a browser and you also don't need to stick with the primitive Internet Explorer browser supplied with Windows computers.

If you are actually creating web pages then again there are plenty of free programs available that can do the job without requiring that you pay for programs. The ones you can buy have more features so it may be worth the purchase if you actually decide that you need those features but why not start out with free software first and see if it does what you need. Free web editors such as Kompozer, CSE HTML Validator Lite and HTMLkit are not quite as powerful as Dreamweaver or Expression Web. Free graphics programs such as the GIMP are not quite as powerful as Photoshop. Free FTP programs such as Filezilla can do just about everything that its competitors can do. So you don't have to buy software to be able to build your own web pages.

With getting your site online there are a huge range of places selling the domain names that you might want to use for your site and the price that different places charge can vary greatly with the most expensive charging more than ten times what some of the cheaper ones charge for what is effectively the exact same thing. Comparing hosting prices is a little more complex than comparing the price for registering a domain since what you actually get with the hosting can vary a lot more. With so many hosting providers now offering unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth it is important that you search their site for information on how much CPU usage they allow since that is usually the limiting factor and is usually hidden somewhere in the fine print.

Whether you are creating web pages yourself or just visiting those built by others you still need to protect your computer from the various nasties that can be found on the web. Yet again there is free software that can provide most of the security that you need for your computer that works almost as well as the software that you have to pay for. You just need to do the research to find which free software will work the best to achieve the security you require. If you are going to pay for any software at all in connection with having your computer connected to the internet then I'd recommend spending the money on one of the top antivirus programs such as Kaspersky or Nod32 as these antivirus programs provide a noticeable level of additional protection.

If you are actually buying online there are also ways to make savings. The site belonging to the company that produces the product are not necessarily the cheapest place to buy. Often they have reseller programs set up where they allow other sites to buy their product in bulk for a much lower price. The resellers will often be selling the product at a lower price than the original company does while still managing to make a profit on their sales. The original company is concentrating on selling in bulk to the resellers and so is not so concerned that their retail price is slightly higher. You do need to watch out for sites reselling electronic goods without permission though since even if they offer you the product at a much lower price they do not have the right to sell the product and so when you purchase from them you do not actually have a product that you have a legal right to use and the owner may decide to take action to rectify this in the future that could end up costing you a lot more than it would have cost to purchase a legitimate copy in the first place.

There are many ways to save money on the internet. All it takes is the time to research thinks properly in the first place so as to work out what the best deals are that suit your situation. By spending that time you may end up saving hundreds of dollars each year on what getting the exact same thing might cost you if you didn't do that research.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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