Alternate Styles

One thing that is has been a part of the web standards for many years is the ability of web page authors to attach multiple stylesheets to one web page and to allow their visotrs to select which one that they want the page to use. With this implemented they can have their web page able to display its content using two or more totally different appearances and allow their visitors to choose which they prefer.

The problem is that not all browsers have implemented a simple way of being able to make this selection for web pages that offer such a choice.

Of the major browsers only three have implemented a menu option to allow you to switch style sheets where the page author has provided more than one.

In Firefox you do this by going to the View menu and selecting the Page Style sub menu. If there are any alternate stylesheets in the current page they should be listed in the next menu level below this one.

In Internet Explorer 8 you do exactly the same thing except that the sub-menu is just called Style instead of Page Style.

Opera uses the same menu options as Internet Explorer 8 but also adds a number of extra styles even if the page doesn't supply alternatives. These extra alternatives can be used with any web page.

Those people using antique versions of Internet Explorer or webkit based browsers such as Safari or Google Chrome do not have this functionality available from their menu and upgrading to one of the three browsers that does support it is recommended.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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