Copying Bookmarks Between Browsers

Some browsers make it easy for you to copy your bookmarks and other settings from other browsers so as to make it as easy as possible for you to switch to using their browser. Other browsers are not so friendly in what they allow you to import. Even with those browsers that do allow you to import settings the process is not always as straightforward as it ought to be.

The other complication even where importing bookmarks is supported is that the imported bookmarks will be added to those already in the browser which you may not want if you already have your bookmarks nicely organised.

There's a simple solution to this entire problem and the name of the solution is Transmute. This free program can copy the bookmarks from any browser you have installed to any other browser you have installed overwriting the bookmarks that were there before. So of you build all your bookmarks in the browser you most prefer using and then change your mind and decide to switch to a different browser then you run this program once to copy all your bookmarks across. If you are doing web development and want to have the same bookmarks available in all of your browsers and not just the one you use most then you can easily use this program to copy your bookmarks from there to each of the other browsers.

Copying all your bookmarks between some web browsers is made far simpler by using this program and made possible where the destination browser doesn't make provision for the transfer (eg. copying bookmarks from Opera to Chrome).

There is also a pro version of the program that you can buy that includes additional functionality to (presumably) make it even easier to configure multiple browsers the same way (I haven't tested that version).


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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