Open Bookmarks in a New Tab

One of the most annoying things I find with browsers such as Google Chrome and the new Opera is how difficult they make it to open bookmarks. The situation where you don't have any tabs open or where you are only wanting to open one bookmark at a time are fine but as soon as you want to keep the tabs you already have open or to open more than one bookmark at the same time these browsers are extremely unfriendly.

These browsers are unfriendly because they insist on opening the bookmark in the current tab. So you open your first bookmark and it overwrites the current page in that tab. You open the second bookmark and it overwrites the first bookmark. It is as if the browser doesn't have any tabs. Back to the dark ages.

What browsers should be doing with bookmarks is to open them in a new tab so as to not overwrite anything that you already have open. The older version of Opera works this way and Recent Internet Explorer versions give you the choice by displaying a blue arrow at the right of the favourite which will open in a new tab. Firefox can be configured to work this way using an extension.

With Chrome and Opera you are forced to do more work to open your bookmarks in a new tab. You can either click the + button to create the new tab first and then open your bookmark or you can drag the bookmark up to the tab bar. Either way results in twice as much effort to open the bookmark as it does in the other browsers. It is at least possible to open multiple bookmarks without them overwriting one another but these browsers certainly don't make it easy for you.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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