Setting up an Email White List in Outlook Express

Spam is a major problem with having an email account. Not only do you receive emails from your friends and other people that you want to hear from but you also receive lots of annoying advertising emails. These wouldn't be so bad except that they clutter up your mail box, slow your downloading of the emails that you want to receive, and often contain malicious code that causes you problems with your computer.

If you are one of those people who have an email account because you want to exchange emails with perhaps half a dozen or so specific friends and no one else then setting up a white list of the acceptable email addresses and having all other emails discarded on the server before they are downloaded to your computer is the obvious solution. Note that this solution requires that you can list all of the email addresses you want to receive from and therefore if (like me) you want to allow other people that you have not previously identified to send you emails then this option is not the solution for you.

Setting up a white list in Outlook Express is relatively easy. First go into the Tools menu and select Message Rules and then Mail.... This will open the message rules dialog box at the mail rules tab.

message rules dialog box

The next step is to select the New button in order to create your new white list mail rule. In this dialog box Select the conditions for your rule should have Where the From line contains people selected and Select the Actions for your rule should have Delete it from the server Selected. You also need to give the rule a name.

edit email rule dialog box

Now select the blue link next to Where the From line near the bottom of the dialog box to bring up the Select People dialog box.

select people dialog box

In this box enter the email address of one of the friends from whom you wish to be able to receive emails in the input field and then select Add. The rule in the lower part of the box will be updated to include that email address. Repeat this process for each additional address that you want to be able to receive emails from until all of the email addresses in your white list have been entered.

We now need to amend the rule so that it reads that messages not from these people are the ones to be deleted. To do this select the Options button to open the rule condition options dialog box. For both selections choose the second option. The rule should now read Where the From line does not contain and a list of your addresses with or in between each pair.

rule condition options dialog box

Now all that remains is to select OK from each of the dialog boxes in turn to accept the input and close them.

After doing this, whenever Outlook Express contacts your mail server looking for email messages for you it will download those from the email addresses that you have specified in the rule and will delete every other email without exception without wasting time downloading them from the server.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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