Duplicating Emails

Question: I want to send very similar (but not identical) emails to several different people. What is the easiest way to copy the content from one email to another? I am using Outlook Express.

Answer: You can create a copy of a complete email before you send it by first selecting Send Later from the File menu instead of selecting the Send button. This will place the email into your Outbox and leave it there for the time being instead of immediately sending it.

Next go into the Outbox and right click on the email that you want to copy. Select Copy to Folder... from the context menu and specify the Inbox as the destination folder. This will copy the email to your inbox while leaving the original in your outbox.

Go to the Inbox and open the copy of the email you placed there. You can now make whatever changes you require to the email content and change the recipient email address. You can either send this one straight away or send it later.

Repeat as necessary until you have created as many modified copies of the email as you need. You can then send all of the emails using the Send/Receive button.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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