IE Running Slow

Question: Internet Explorer has become really slow, it now takes much longer to load pages. Any idea what might have happened?

Answer:It sounds like some spyware may have installed itself on your system and is using up your bandwidth. Here are a couple of things to try to find and remove any spyware that might be installed.

Download bhodemon. If you run this program it will tell you what helper programs you have installed into Internet Explorer and allow you to delete any that you don't want. Many spyware programs install helper programs into Internet Explorer itself and this is the quickest way to find and remove them. Keep any helper programs that you have installed yourself such as the Adobe Acrobat helper.

The other way to find and remove spyware is to use a spyware removal program such as AdAware or Spybot Search and Destroy either of which will search for and can remove any spyware that they find (but check out this warning first).


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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