Internet Explorer in Kiosk Mode

First of all, what is kiosk mode? Well kiosk mode is where you run an application full screen with little or no capability for users to swap to other applications. This allows the application to be run relatively safely where the computert is unattended such as can occur ina kiosk (hence the name).

Internet Explorer can be converted into a Kiosk browser by the addition of a -k flag on the command to execute the browser. When running in kiosk mode the browser runs full screen without any menu or toolbars at the top. Apart from any in the actual web page being displayed the only controls visible on the screen are scrollbar(s).

What you can do with the browser open on the screen in Kiosk mode is greatly restricted compared to when IE runs normally. The following are the only commands that work in Kiosk mode:

Note that Kiosk mode is not the same as full screen mode (accessible via F11) and you cannot switch an existing browser window to/from Kiosk mode.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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