Lock IE Homepage

Is there a way to change the Internet Explorer home page so that canít be changed again? There certainly is. To do this all you need is to make a minor change to your registry.

To avoid the possibility of this registry edit corrupting your registry I have set up a command file to do the update for you. You can lock your Internet Explorer home page by downloading ielock.reg and running it to update the appropriate registry entries.

You can temporarily unlock the home page again (so that you can change it when you need to) by running ieunlock.reg (which is also included in the download).

Malware that hijacks your home page and substitutes the page of their choice will often apply this same registry change in order to try to prevent you changing the home page back. By applying this lock first you will prevent such malware from being able to change your home page. If you already have your home page changed and locked by malware then you can unlock it so as to change it back using the ieunlock.reg file.

Note that because locking the home page like this is more commonly done by malware rather than as a defence against malware some antivirus programs may report the lock as a potential attack but as you know that you applied the lock yourself you can tell the antivirus software to ignore this particular warning as you know it is a false positive.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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