Disable Search from Address Bar

The default action in Internet Explorer if you type in an address of a web site that can't be found is for the value that you typed in to be passed to the default search engine (usually MSN). This means that if you use the address bar for its intended use of entering web addresses and you miskey an address that you then waste a whole lot of time waiting for the search to run when you didn't want to request a search in the first place. Fortunately a minor settings change can fix this.

To keep the address bar for addresses and use search options when you want to run a search go into Tools then Internet Options and select the Advanced tab. Scroll down to the Search from Address Bar option and set it to Do Not Search from the address bar and save this setting.

Now your address bar will work for addresses and you can select when you want to run a search rather than having the browser run a search whenever it feels like it.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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