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Do you often find that when you print out a web page that it doesn't fit properly on the page.

Often a web page will be slightly too wide to fit on your paper or the last line of the web page will go onto a separate page all by itself.

You can avoid (or at least reduce) these problems by previewing the page before it prints and to adjust the page margins to allow that extra character across the page or that extra line down the page to be squeezed in.

To get into print preview mode to check how the web page will look on paper before printing it you go into the Print Preview option within the File menu (alt-F then V if you want to get there from the keyboard).

You can now view the web page the way that it will look when printed out. A number of options on the toolbar at the top of the screen allow you to Print the pages if the output looks okay, Setup the page orientation and margins to adjust the available space so that the web page better fits on the paper (as well as being able to select what header and footer information gets printed on each page), select which printed Page within the output to view so that you can check all of the pages of the output, zoom in or out to either see the whole page or the detail in a small part of the page, and also frame controls (if the web page uses frames) to determine whether to print the whole frameset in one go, each frame separately, or just a specific frame.

By selecting to preview web pages before you print them you can see exactly how they will look on paper before you print them. This will help you save paper and get more useful printouts.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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