Smart Tags

Some time ago there was some discussion that Microsoft was going to introduce what they call smart tags into their various products. Perhaps due to the upset that this announcement caused, they have not at this time introduced smart tags into Internet Explorer but they have done so with Office.

Smart tags are tags that the program itself creates to create new hyperlinks to pages of information provided by Microsoft or others who have paid Microsoft to be included. These links go to information that Microsoft considers to be relevant links for the particular keywords to be linked to. This may be acceptable with office documents with limited distribution and where the readers are well aware of what is happening but it is less acceptable when it comes to Microsoft creating their own links in your web pages, hence the upset that resulted.

The introduction of smart tags will mean that the hyperlinks set in a web page by the page author will not necessarily be the only ones on the page. Additional links to pages selected by Microsoft may be created by IE and in fact these links may even override those coded into the page itself.

Although Microsoft have not as yet introduced smart tags into Internet Explorer, they have not ruled out the possibility of doing so in the future. There is a way that you can be prepared for if they do. Microsoft claim that if they ever do introduce smart tags in Internet Explorer that there will be a way to turn them off on a page by page basis using a meta tag. So if you believe Microsoft that this tag will work and you want to be prepared for the introduction of smart tags just include the following code in the head section of your page.

<meta content="TRUE" />


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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