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Question:I was attempting to install a program which insisted on being attached to the internet in order for the install to run (presumably so that it could register itself). During the install the program rudely decided to reboot my computer without asking. Since then whenever I have clicked a link in an email or a link in internet explorer that targets a new window the new internet explorer window opens but the new page doesn't load. I have to press stop then refresh in order to get the page to load.

I have tried using the internet explorer repair facility (in Control Panel/ Add Remove programs) and even upgraded to a later version of both internet explorer and outlook express but nothing helps.
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Answer: Well the solution to this one had me totally stumped for a couple of days but I persevered to get a solution (I had to since this problem happened to me). It seemed obvious that either a registry entry or a system file had become corrupted but which? I compared the registry entries between the problem computer and another of my computers that didn't have this problem but without any success. I ran the System File Checker (accessible in Windows 98SE via Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Information and then select it from the Tools menu or go to start/run and type sfc) but this didn't help either. I uninstalled and reinstalled IE several times but still no luck. I did have a work around using Stop and Refresh and if necessary I could use Opera 6 or Netscape 7 instead but I wanted to get Internet Explorer working properly again.

The breakthrough came when I needed to do a Find on a web page I was viewing. The Find function failed to work giving an error message Incompatible version of the RPC stub. Now I had an error message to work with finding the solution to the problem would be much easier (assuming that the two errors were related - which seemed likely and turned out to be true).

I typed in the error message (in quotes not apostrophes) into the Google search engine and was rewarded with quite a few links giving solutions to the problem. The corrupted file was identified by these pages as oleaut32.dll and two ways to fix it from within Windows were given. One is to extract the file from the win98_cab36 file on your original operating system install disk. The second and easier way (also the way suggested by Microsoft) was to download mcrepair.exe from the Microsoft site. This program will replace three files on your system including the one I have already mentioned and two others. You can answer yes to replacing each of these three files and after the system reboots, no more problem. Everything working properly again.

Microsoft have more information on this error (and a different solution that you should use if you run Microsoft Office) at;en-us;Q321915

One of the visitors to this site has informed me that they suffered the same symptoms with their browser but for a different reason. Apparently the same problem can also be caused by some trojans if they manage to infect your system. To identify if this is what has caused the problem you need to obtain and run a good antivirus program. Hopefully that will identify which trojan has infected your system and may even provide you with the means to remove it. If it is not able to remove the trojan then a search of the internet for details about the trojan should enable you to find a page on one of the antivirus sites that has instructions on what you need to do.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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