Selecting a Different Profile

Question: I have Windows XP. My Netscape 6 got weird. I lost my all my saved email. The old Netscape profile is still on my computer. My address books are there and my bookmarks are also still on the original Netscape profile.

I started a new Netscape profile with a different name.

Question: How can I copy my old bookmarks and old address books from the first Netscape profile to the new Netscape profile? I really do not wish to type our all those address books again. Thank you for your help!
BJ Kraemer

Answer: I don't know of any way to easily transfer the old bookmark and address book data unless you first start Netscape using the old profile and then save the data from there to load into the new profile. Of course starting Netscape with the old profile will give you access to the configuration that you want without having to transfer everything to the new profile.

To select the profile to start netscape with go into the Profile Manager (which you should find at Start / Programs / Netscape / Profile Manager ).


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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