Extending Firefox

The Firefox web browser has quite a lot of useful functionality built into the browser itself. The functionality doesn't end there though because there are plenty of add-ons for Firefox that have been created by people all over the world who have found some functionality that they thought would be useful to add to Firefox.

These add-ons are called "extensions" and Firefox has the functionality built into the browser to allow you to obtain these extensions and install them into the browser.

To see what extensions are already installed, to update them if required, or to search for new extensions you simply go into the Tools menu and select the Extensions option. A new window will display showing the currently installed extensions. The window has buttons at the bottom that allow you to Uninstall extensions that you no longer require, Update extensions where a new version has become available, and to be able to change the Options that some extensions allow you to configure.

There is also a Get More Extensions link that will take you directly to the Extensions repository on Mozilla.org where you can search through a vast selection of extensions to see which ones that you wish to add to your browser. Each extension listed has a link available that will install it for you if you are accessing the page with the Firefox browser (with other browsers you can still download the extension but would have to manually install it into Firefox.

Once installed some extensions are available for use straight away while others require that you close the browser down and restart it in order that they can pick up the necessary updated configuration information that they require to function.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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