Changing the Home Page

Question: hello!
how do I change my home page so that instead of having when I open my internet browser, I open up
thanks a bunch!

Answer: I assume that as your home page is set to that you are using Netscape as your browser.

The easiest way to change your home page in Netscape is to first navigate to the page that you want to make your home page. Once you have your new home page displayed in your browser select Preferences from the Edit menu. If it is not already selected then select the Navigator tab.

Half way down the screen you will see a section labelled Home Page containing a field called Location which should currently contain Select the Use Current Page button and the field should change to contain the address of the page that you currently have displayed which is the one that you want to make your new home page.

Select the OK button at the bottom of the screen to apply the change.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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