Converting from Outlook Express

The following detailed step by step instructions will convert your existing Outlook Express Mail setup into a corresponding setup on Netscape 7 or Mozilla.

  1. Create the folder that you want to use to store your mail. By specifying your own location you make it easier to back up your emails along with your data files.
  2. Start Mozilla (or Netscape).
  3. Go into Edit then Preferences and select the Appearance tab. Deselect Navigator (if you want to continue using your existing web browser) and select Mail & Newsgroups.
  4. Now select the Mail & Newsgroups tab. Select Use Mozilla Mail (or Use Netscape Mail) as the default mail application. Deselect the Mail Start Page.
  5. Now select the Composition tab and change the forwarding and replying to include forwarded emails inline and start my reply above the quoted text.
  6. Under Privacy & Security select the Images tab. Select Do not load remote images in Mail & Newsgroup messages. (this is the security option that Outlook Express doesn't have).
  7. Under Advanced select the Scripts & Plugins tab. Make sure that Enable Javascript for Mail & Newsgroups and Enable Plugins for Mail & Newsgroups are NOT selected.
  8. Select OK to close the Preferences dialog Box. You now have your email security set.
  9. From the Window menu select Mail & Newsgroups (or press F2) to open the email program. You can now close the Mozilla (or Netscape) browser window and expand the email window to full screen.
  10. Next go into the Edit menu and select Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings.
  11. Select Local Folders. Change the local directory to the folder you created in step 2 and select OK.
  12. From the Tools menu select Import. Select Address Book then Next then Outlook Express then Next to import your Outlook Express Address Book. If you have lots of entries in your address book this may take a while. Select Finish.
  13. Repeat the process to import your mail from Outlook Express.
  14. Repeat the process to import your settings from Outlook Express. You will then want to go into the settings and confirm that your account is configured the way you want it as not all of the settings are transferred across. You might want to select to keep emails on the server for a while until you are happy everything is working correctly. In particular select the Advanced button and check that the SMTP server is set to Always use default server (this setting caused me lots of problems in getting the mail program to send emails).
  15. Close Mozilla (or Netscape).
  16. Go into the folder that you defined to use with your new mail application, then go into Outlook Express Mail.sbd and from the edit menu select all then cut. Go back to the mail folder and select paste. Next delete the two entries for Outlook Express and rename the two Sent Items files to remove the word Items. Also delete the Deleted Items entries. This moves the copy of your Outlook Express folders into the Local Folders list instead of them being in a sub-folder of Outlook Express.
  17. Start Mozilla (or Netscape) again.
  18. You now have all of your emails imported into Mozilla (or Netscape) Mail. Select any folder and it should come up in bold reporting the number of emails that the folder contains all now marked as unread. Go through your folders one by one and select Message then Mark then All Read (or press Ctrl + Shift + C) to remove the unread flag from all of your imported emails.
  19. The next step is unfortunately manual. We need to Open Outlook Express and display each of our mail filters in turn (Tools then Message Rules then Mail) and replicate them in Mozilla (or Netscape) Mail (Tools then Message Filters then New then retype the conditions then move then up or down to get the order right).

We are finally finished. We should now be able to use Mozilla (or Netscape) Mail in place of Outlook Express.

Don't forget to go back and turn the option to keep your emails on the server once you are sure everything is working properly.

SMTP Problem

Each identity can be set up to use a specific SMTP setup for sending emails. Check that you have these set to Default if the outgoing emails don't work as they would otherwise be using a different setup and not pick up your changes on the outgoing server page.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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