The Opera menu and button bars

The Opera browser has many options in its menus and button bars, some of which you will not find in Netscape or Internet Explorer.

Let's take a look at this part of the browser and what options it has. The following diagram has the button bar set to full with the status and progress bars set to display at the top of the screen.

Opera menu and buttons

Across the top we have the menu bar. Let's take a look at the options in the first four down menus as there are a number of options here that you will not find in the other browsers.

The file menu.

  • new
  • open
  • close
  • save as
  • save images as
  • print
  • print setup
  • print options
  • print preview mode
  • work offline
  • delete private data
  • preferences
  • exit

The edit menu.

  • cut
  • copy
  • paste
  • delete
  • select all
  • find
  • find next
  • find previous

The view menu.

  • hotlist with sub options docked, floating, off, and always on top
  • button bar with sub options simple, full, and off
  • status bar with sub options top, bottom, off, and show time
  • window bar with sub options top, bottom, left, right, and off
  • progress bar with sub options top, bottom, and toggle
  • scroll bars
  • local news button bar
  • source
  • framed source
  • full screen

The navigation menu.

  • back
  • forward
  • stop
  • home
  • reload
  • reload frame
  • reload all documents
  • reload everywith sub options enabled, custom, 0.05 minutes, 0.15 minutes, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and 30 minutes
  • load all images
  • set home page
  • go to document
  • Add to bookmarks

The save images as option will not only save the html source of the current page to your local drive but it will also automatically save all of the attached images as well.

The delete private data option enables you to delete all cached pages that have passwords or encryption along with all passwords and non persistent cookies. This is useful if you are sharing the pc and don't want anyone to access data they are not authorised for.

The hotlist contains a list of bookmarks, emails, and contacts that you can optionally display in its own window.

The button bar option allows you to simplify the button bar by removing the print and tile options.

The status bar can be moved between the top and bottom of the screen. So can the progress bar.

The scroll bars option allows you to turn off the scroll bars on the screen.

I assume that the local news button bar option will display a bar containing links to news services. This requires a news server to be defined in order to function.

The framed source option allows you to access the source of an individual frame within a frameset without having to use the right click menu.

The various reload options allow you to reload parts of the display or to automatically refresh the display at set intervals.


Opera menu and buttons

Below the menu bar, we have the button bar. This bar contains a number of buttons that perform the same functions as some of the menu options listed above. From left to right, the buttons perform the following functions:-


Opera menu and buttons

Finally, at the bottom below the status bar, we have the progress bars which also contains a number of additional buttons. From left to right, the buttons perform the following functions:-

The toggle images button allows you to quickly and easily turn the display of images on and off, useful to speed up access time when you don't really need to see the images.

The toggle document / user mode actually allows you to turn off all of the presentation options contained within the document whether hard coded into the document or contained within style sheets. You can even define your own replacement style sheet and view everyone's pages using your own presentation options in place of the ones defined in the document. To attach your own style sheet go to preferences/documents and enter the filename into the 'user css' field.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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