Keyboard Shortcuts

Just about every program on your computer has keyboard shortcuts that can be used with it. Keyboard shortcuts are key combinations that you can press on your keyboard that have the same effect as selecting a given menu entry or clicking somewhere with your mouse.

What makes the Opera web browser so different from most programs is that it has an enormous number of these keyboard shortcuts. There is some keyboard key combination that will permit you to perform just about any function with your browser including many which in other browsers can only be accessed using menus or via the mouse.

There are too many keyboard shortcuts in Opera for me to list them all here but there is no need for me to do so in any case since Opera themselves provide a list of keyboard shortcuts.

The default shortcuts that Opera supports changed after Opera 9.2 although there is an option provided to allow you to change the keyboard shortcuts in more recent versions back to those used with the earlier versions.

If you are actually still running Opera 9.2 or earlier then just hold down the ctrl key and press B and the complete list (divided up into categories) of keyboard shortcuts will be displayed. There are so many shortcuts that just about every combination of keys on your keyboard will do something.

More recent versions of Opera provide a different list of shortcut keys that correspond more closely to the shortcuts available in other programs. Opera provide a complete list of all the keyboard shortcuts as well as options forenabling additional shortcuts, reverting back to the 9.2 variant, or you can redefine the shortcuts to suit yourself.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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