Opera 7

The newest version of the Opera web browser is Opera 7.

A rewrite of the code means that this browser is even smaller than Opera 6 but with lots more features. In fact Opera 7 now has as good support for the W3C Document Object Model as is found in the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape. This means that just about any web page that functions in IE6 or Netscape 7 will also function mostly the same way in Opera 7. There are still a few proprietary tags used in Internet Explorer that are not supported by the other browsers but apart from functions related to those tags, everything else now appears to be fully supported.

Opera 7 has a number of advantages over other browsers that mean that it should soon gain quite a following as people move from the other browsers across to Opera. Some of the features of Opera 7 that the other browsers don't have include:

This is not intended to be an ad for Opera 7. We have no connection whatever with Opera other than having used versions of Opera from 4 onwards to check the functionality of our web pages. With version 7 Opera have produced a browser that is fast and powerful, possibly the most flexible browser currently available. If you are not happy with your current browser or you are a web page developer looking to check your page compatibility then you need to take a look at Opera 7.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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