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Computer Care

The biggest threat to computer hardware is dust. Houses are very dusty places and that dust can quite easily find its way into your computer. The dust then acts as an insulator reducing the ability of the computer to dissipate the vast amounts of heat that some of the components generate and can eventually lead to those component parts failing.

How many of you actually open the case of your computer on a regular basis and inspect the computer for dust buildups? Probably not many. Yet this is the simplest thing that you can do to ensure that your computer remains in working order and to reduce the possibility of components failing sooner than they ought to.

The easiest place for dust to build up inside your computer where it can do the most damage is on the heatsink attached to your processor. Any dust accumulating there will reduce the efficiency of the heatsink and allow the processor to run hotter - shortening its life expectancy. The fan on top of the heat sink will blow some of the dust away from the heatsink to scatter throughout the rest of the computer which will help a little since most of the other components are not quite as sensitive to heat as the processor is but any dust inside the computer still impedes its operation and so really needs to be removed on a regular basis.

A simple can of compressed air will quickly blow all the dust our of the computer and get it running at its best again.

There are also a few things that you can do to reduce the chances of dust buildup in the computer. Keeping it off the carpet under your desk will help as carpets seem to attract dust. If the computer is too big to place on top of the desk then consider raising it up on a couple of small blocks as even getting it a couple of inches up off the carpet will reduce the speed at which dust builds up in the computer. Also if your computer has the space to fit additional fans then fitting them is also a worthwhile option as that will help to blow more of the dust away from the computer.

The parts inside of your computer are very delicate which is why a can of compressed air is the best solution for dust removal. Under no circumstances should you attempt to vacuum the dust out of a computer as that will likely do more damage to the components in the computer than a small amount of dust will.

By performing this simple maintenance task on a regular basis you can dramatically extend the life of your computer and keep it running at peak efficiency. This is perhaps the simplest and cheapest operation that you can perform to care for the hardware within your computer.

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After all the JavaScript pages of the past few months I have attempted to keep them to a minimum this month. This month's pages cover a wider range of computer and web based topics. There are still lots more JavaScript pages to come but I'll try to space them out and include plenty of pages on other topics as well over the next few months. Where I am adding lots of extra JavaScript pages at the moment is on my JavaScript by Example site at where I am current adding lots of examples on how the various methods associated with the built in objects work.

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