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One of the most argued about web related topics is search engine optimisation. Some of these arguments are simply due to differences of opinion based on the success or otherwise that the different people have had with various techniques. Others are simply due to the huge amount of incorrect information that is passed from person to person in this area.

There are a couple of reasons why this particular situation arises in this area. Firstly it is because the search engines keep the way their search engines work a secret and rightly so. Their goal is to produce the most useful search results based on what the individual users of the search engine are searching for. If they were to let people know how their algorithms for determining those results work then some people would make use of that information to gain undeserved positions in the results which would completely undo what the search engines are trying to achieve. Secondly the search engines play a big role in how many people will actally visit your site and so there is a fair amount of pressure to get your pages listed higher in the results than they really deserve.

One reason why so much mis-information exists in this area is that by getting others to waste time on things that don't matter (but where they are convinced that they do) there is less competition for those who do know what they are doing. Some people would rathergive the wrong advice in this area for this reason and thus all sorts of mis-information gets spread and those who receive that information from those they perceive to be experts then spread it further.

Another consideration is that all web sites are not the same and the sorts of approach that works for some types of web site doesn't work for other types of web site. Where you have a site consisting of thousands of content pages containing useful information that is being continually added to then you need spend far less time working on generating backlinks yourself than a site with just a handful of pages where there are thousands of other similar sites vying for those same few top spots in the search results. In that latter case selecting the right keywords, finding a way to differentiate yourself from the competition and a major link building campaign may be far more important where in the former the visitors to your site will have more reason for assisting you in that regard so that you have less to do yourself.

Arguments can arise between people who work with totally different types of sites because what one person has found works for the types of site that they develop or do seo tasks for is differnt from what someone else has found works for them with a different type of site. This can also lead to people who ask questions about SEO getting contadictory answers any of which may or may not be right depending on what type of site that the person asking the question intends applying it to. Often that information isn't provided and so those trying to answer would not know who is right and who is wrong even if they are aware that their particular solution doesn't universally apply.

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A slightly shorter article this month as I have been spending time om getting more of the PHP tutorials done. Also some security patches for my email and search scripts to plug some potential security holes I found before anyone else finds them.

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