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My Word

Welcome to our newsletter. This web page is laid out following the general appearance of the newsletter that you can have sent to you every month if your email program supports html (the only difference is that this online version displays advertising). If your email program doesn't support html, you can still receive the content of this email every month but as plain text instead of nicely laid out as you see here.
This section of each email will contain an informal narrative by myself, Stephen Chapman, on a variety of computer related topics. Its "My Word" about whatever I happen to feel like writing about. Hopefully, you will find it interesting.
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On Site

In the "On Site" section of the newsletter, you will find my latest comments on what I am currently doing with the site including details of any minor changes to the site that didn't involve creating a whole new page.
I will also be discussing any future plans that I might have for the site. All subject to change of course.

What's New

This section of the newsletter will provide you with links to all of the pages that have been added to the site in the last month.
As this is the home page for the newsletter, instead of including links to the pages directly, I have instead provided links to copies of some of the newsletters themselves (in reverse date order) so that you can catch up on the information provided in any newsletters that I produced prior to your subscribing or which you have misplaced.

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