Updating CICS System Data

Question: Under CICS Transaction Server for VSE I would like to alter the name field in a user's ACEE after signon. The field is protected. Any way to alter it?

Answer: The only way that I am aware of to be able to access and update the ACEE is from within a program. To do this you use the command


to provide a link to the ACEE. This should provide you with the update access that you require provided that the program using this call is started immediately after signon and is not called via an EXEC CICS LINK command.


Similar commands can be used to gain access to update the COMMAREA where this is not provided by the programming language eg. in C, Common System Area (CSA) with versions prior to CICS 3.2 only, Common Work Area (CWA), and Execution Interface Block (EIB).


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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