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If you live in Sydney, Australia then you might like Ask Felgall's Stephen Chapman to run computer classes for you. These classes have previously been offered at Community College's but are currently not being offered. If you are interested in any of these courses please suggest to your local college that they contact me about running the course there. Alternatively if you have a group of people interested please contact me directly.

Blogging With WordPress

Creating a blog is the simplest way to create your own web presence. In this practical hands-on course we will create a blog and set it up to meet each participant's individual requirements


Modern Javascript

Whether you have never programmed before or whether you have already been writing JavaScript in your web pages for many years, this course is for you. Learn how to write JavaScript the modern unobtrusive way where your JavaScript code is kept completely separate from the rest of your web page. Requires at least a basic understanding of HTML.


Modern Javascript: Beyond Beginners

Do you create web pages? Have you used some JavaScript in your pages but can't get it to do everything you want it to do? This course provides a way for those who have some basic knowledge of JavaScript to learn how to write better JavaScript and make use of the more advanced features as well. Bring along some JavaScript you have already written and learn how to improve it.


Computer Security: An Introduction

Discussion of the various threats to the security of all computers including viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, spam, browser hijacking, and phishing. Covers what the various types of attach are, what they do, and why and how to defend against them.


Getting Better Value from the Internet

Learn about the different types of internet connection, different browsers and email programs, what the various internet terminology means and how to set up your own internet access that gives you what you want at the best price. Using search engines effectively will make finding what you need faster, allowing you to use the internet more efficiently.


Your First Web Site

Do you want to get your own web site up and running without having to spend a lot of time learning how to do it or paying someone else to do it for you? This course will give you just enough information about creating web pages to get you started and by the conclusion you will have the first two or three pages online ready to receive visitors.


Semantic HTML with Style

Learn the modern way of hand coding your web page using HTML that defines the meaning of your web page content and a separate stylesheet to define how it looks. No prior knowledge of either HTML or CSS is assumed but those who have done some hand coding of web pages will also benefit from this course by learning a better way to code their pages and what HTML codes not to use.

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